Scheduling an Appointment


Step 1

Log in to EAB Navigate with your NetID and password. You can also get to this link on Owl Express under the 'Student Services' menu.

eab login

Take me to EAB!

Step 2

Click on the blue 'Schedule an appointment!" button on the right hand side of the screen.

Schedule appt step 2

Step 3

Click/tap on the first drop-down box and select 'Advising'.

schedule appt step 3

Step 4

Click/tap on the second drop-down box named 'Service' and scroll to 'Computing & Software Engineering Advising'. Select the alphabet set to which the first letter of your last name belongs.

CCSE services

Step 5

Pick a date you'd like to schedule an appointment on, then click the 'Find Available Time' button.

Step 5 - choose a date

Step 6

Click on the 30-minute appointment time slot you would like to schedule for your appointment.

appt schedule step 6

Step 7

Review the date, time and location information, then click on the first drop-down box that asks 'How would you like to meet?'. Select the modality with which you would like to conduct your appointment, read the appointment details message that the advisor has put for important instructions, and leave a comment or 10 about what you would like us to know in preparation of your advising appointment (e.g. areas of concern, pronouns, registration issues, a hold, etc).

appt scheduling step 7

Step 8

Make sure you select 'Email Reminder', ESPECIALLY if you are scheduling an appointment a couple weeks in advance. Click the blue 'Schedule' button, and then all you need to do is attend your appointment!

We look forward to talking with you!

I am a CS, CGDD, IT, SWE major or probablity/stats minor student


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We look forward to talking with you!