Academic Success Tips & Resources

Identified you need to do better in a class or two?  Don't panic, or, rather, panic early and speak to an advisor! Also, please read on.

There are many reasons why a class or more may not be going as well as you wish. 

While every student is different and every case is different – and this is why we urge you to schedule to talk to us – here are some things to consider and select quality resources: 

  • Time - Have you put enough time and effort into it - I.e. about 6 hrs/week for each 3-credit hour course?  Have you missed classes or assignments? Will you benefit from improved time management skills
  • Study - Are your study skills up to par? EVERYONE can benefit from improved study skills. Among the many resources we have reviewed, we recommend the following:
  • Help - Will it help if you could work with a free KSU computing, math, science, writing or foreign language tutor or get help from the instructor in their office hours? You can read how to make the most out of office hours here.  
  • Others - Are you part of a study group or do you have a study buddy? There are many reasons why you should consider group studying.  WikiHow has step-by-step tips on how to form a study group.
  • Anxiety - Do you feel anxious about reaching out to others for help? Do you have test anxiety? Do you feel social anxiety? Do you have high stress levels? You are not alone! 30 percent of students have some form of anxiety and that is why the KSU Counseling Center is here to help – their services are free and confidential and their self-help resources are one click away.
  • Difficulty in learning - Do you have or suspect you have a learning disability? KSU offers a variety of Student Disability Services and accommodations for students with disabilities.
  • Wellness & brain power go hand-in-hand – Do you have good sleep hygiene and are you sleeping enough? Are you eating foods that boost cognitive performance or hinder it? Are you moving enough to support your brain function?  Changing your lifestyle to promote wellness and make learning easier can be challenging. The KSU wellness peer mentoring and coaching program is here to help you switch to a healthier lifestyle that promotes academic success.