CCSE Internship

Students must first have an internship offer before they may pursue the CCSE Internship course.

To find information about how to get an internship through KSU, visit the Career Services website.

There is an opportunity to receive academic credit for an internship in which work is done that falls in line with teaching the student valuable industry skills that demonstrate the student's program educational objectives and/or student learning outcomes. The CCSE faculty advisor and Career Services works with both students and employers to present this opportunity.

Students interested in this should first take a look through the Frequently Asked Questions below and then contact the CCSE Internship Coordinator or Career Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 3 credit hours.

  • Yes. You will be given the opportunity to register for CSE 4983 (undergraduate) or CSE 6983 (graduate), and you will be notified when you are given the appropriate privileges to register so that you may go in and add this to your schedule during registration periods. 

  • This is incorrect. Additionally, depending on your program this course may fall into your "free electives" category. You should check with your advisor and/or program director to see if this internship course may be used for anything other than a free elective.

  • You must have an approved and signed learning agreement submitted prior to the last day of registration

    *Note: after your agreement has been filled out by your supervisor and signed, then it must be submitted to the Internship coordinator for approval as well. The earlier you submit the better you are.

    1. You can first contact the CCSE Internship Coordinator at the email on this website ( for more information or a representative from Career Services. 
    2. Once you decide you would like to do an internship, you must find the internship.  Career Services has numerous available and your CCSE Internship Coordinator may also be able to help.
    3. Once you find the internship, work with your supervisor to complete your learning agreement which involves developing the internship learning objectives.
    4. Submit your signed learning learning to the CCSE Internship Coordinator for approval – you will either be approved or asked for more information and/or changes
    5. Once  approved, you will be given an override to register for the course
    6. Register for the course, pay your tuition and start your internship
    7. During your internship you will submit weekly status reports of your work; You will also be asked to submit an evaluation from your supervisor during midterm and at end of the term.  You will be required to submit a final report (outline in the syllabus for the course). Graduate students will be required to submit a research paper over one area of interest they have covered during their internship.
  • 150+ during the semester
  • Computer Science - this course can only count toward free elective hours you have not yet satisfied on pre-2020 catalog requirements. If you are on the 2020 catalog requirements, it may be used as a major elective.

    Information Technology - it can be used towards your 4th technical elective and would count as the "out of concentration" elective.

    Software Engineering - Only if you are on the 2017 (or later) catalog requirements, and only as the "NON- Software Engineering Major Elective (you are only allowed 1 elective that does not have a SWE prefix).

    Computer Game Design and Development - You will need approval to use it in your chosen concentration or create a custom concentration. Please talk with the CGDD Program Coordinator and CCSE Advising.

  • Your employer will need to agree to assign you a specific project which fits within the timeframe of the semester you wish to do the internship, and it must have deliverables you can present and report on to the Internship Coordinator. You must demonstrate that this project is not "every day" work, and you are learning something new which pertains to your degree/computing. Discuss your unique situation with the Internship Coordinator to verify you may do this.

Are you interested and want to get in touch with the CCSE Internship Coordinator? Please fill out the form below.