Adding A Minor

To minor or not to minor? That is the least for some students.  For others, the question is not whether to do a minor, but what minor is best to do.   To help you consider college minors from a variety of perspectives, so that you can make an informed cost-benefit analysis, we invite you to read this, and this, and this article.   

The KSU catalog lists all formal minors offered at KSU and specifies their requirements under the Academic Programs section. Minors usually range between 15 and 18 credit hours, with at least 9 hours of non-duplicative credit required.  Of course, your academic advisors are here to help you in your decision and respective planning.    

Students in the Applied Computer Science program are required to choose a minor or concentration area as part of their major. 

If and when you decide on a minor, after consulting with an academic advisor from the college or department offering the minor, you can formally declare it through OwlExpress>Declare/change major.