Student Organizations

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

The Kennesaw Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) is scientific and educational organization that is all about bring together computing educators, students, and professional to inspire dialog share resources, and address the field’s challenges. As the world’s largest computing society, ACM strengthen of our peers’ collective voice through leadership, promote highest standards. The goal of our organization is to promote and expand student's understanding of computing and help our peers to develop in their chosen field. To do this, the KSU ACM promotes projects, research, and programming competitions such as ACM-ICPC (The world oldest, largest, and most prestigious programming contest) to develop students' skill and build their credential/resumes. We host lectures series and workshops to help introduce students to not only new developments in computing but also new developments in long-standing systems. We have establish the national ACM organization and local KSU ACM, that strives to build a community and does so by hosting a variety of social events to encourage friendship and camaraderie. We believe that as important as it is for students to understand the inner computing team-building and share intellectual discussion. Faculty Advisor, Dr. Sarah North,

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

AITP is the premier network of Information Technology business professionals and leaders at Kennesaw State University. This association seeks to advance the IT Profession through professional development, support of IT education and national policies on IT that improves society as a whole.  AITP members span every level of the IT industry from mainframe systems, to micro systems, to PC based LAN and WAN systems, to virtual systems and the internet as well as active students in our university chapter. More more information contact Dawn Tatum at

College of Computing Competition Team (3C Team)

3C is established for the purpose of advancing Information Security knowledge and skills. 3C works to raise the awareness of social responsibilities and ethical behavior in the Information Security field. Students in this association will have the opportunity to collaborate, learn and compete at various events and gatherings.  

Game Design and Development Club (GDDC)

The core goal of GDDC is to provide CGDD, CS, and SWE majors and those interested in the video game industry an opportunity to build their portfolios, network and be involved in the industry long before they graduate. IT majors and other majors who want to participate in our gaming events are more than welcome to come by.

Georgia Game Developers Association (GGDA)

GGDA is a non-profit trade association of businesses and professionals of the video and electronic game manufacturing industry of Georgia. GGDA is committed to the growth and development of this industry and the success of its members as they compete internationally.



IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS)

The IEEE-CS is the world's largest technical professional society and is leading membership organization dedicated to computer science and technology to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Serving more than 60,000 members, the IEEE Computer Society is the trusted information, networking, and career-development source for a global community of technology leaders that includes researchers, educators, software engineers, IT professionals, employers, and students. The goal of IEEE Computer Society student chapter at KSU strengthen undergraduate/graduate research projects, promote and expand student's understanding of computing technology and support in collaboration on project and publication activities by participating in various of conference. We have established national IEEE Computer Society and local KSU student chapter that strives to build a community support by hosting a variety of social events to encourage friendship and camaraderie. We believe that as important for KSU students to understand the inner workings of the computing in community, and/or professional level. Faculty Advisor, Dr. Sarah North,

International Game Developers Association (IGDA)

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is the largest non-profit membership organization in the world serving all individuals who create games. As an international organization, we are a global network of collaborative projects and communities comprised of individuals from all fields of game development - from programmers and producers to writers, artists, QA and localization. We bring together developers at key industry conferences, in over 90 Chapters and in Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to improve their lives and their craft. We advocate on behalf of our membership to ensure quality of life, perpetuation of our craft and preparing the next generation of developers. Whether you're a student with a goal to become a game developer or a seasoned veteran, regardless if you're based in the U.S. or any country/region in the world, whether you're an indie developer or in a AAA studio, whether your primary platform is a PC, console or a tabletop - we welcome you home to the IGDA!

Object-Oriented Owls (OOO)

The Object Oriented Owls is a group focused on the recruitment and retention of Women in Computer Science. Their goal is to provide resources and a community for women in Computer Science. The group is intended to involve the following activities: Mentoring, Community Service, Professional Speakers, and Technology Demos. This group meets roughly once a month to discuss issues women studying Computer Science and related fields face both in academia and in the workplace, listen to industry speakers, and share information. OOO also provide mentoring opportunities to girls in K-12 so that we might start building the next generation of female coders. For more information contact Amber Wagner at

Robotics & Automation Society (RAS)

The Robotics and Automation Society at KSU is foster the development and facilitate the discussion of scientific and technological knowledge in Robotics and Automation that benefits our students at Kennesaw State University. The RAS Society is a brand of IEEE that strives for the advancement of the theory and practice of robotics and automation for the maintenance of high professional/educational standards among its members, which aligned with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Kennesaw State and IEEE, with special attention to such aims within the Field of Interest of the Society.

RAS strives to advance innovation, education, and fundamental, that applied research in robotics and automation. Robotics focuses on systems incorporating sensors and it’s components that operate autonomously in cooperation with humans, and Automation research emphasizes efficiency, productivity, quality, and reliability, focusing on systems that operate freely. The goals of RAS student chapter at KSU strengthen undergraduate/graduate research projects, promote and expand student's understanding of robotics and automation in collaboration on project and publication activities, by participating in several of conference/workshops. RSA not only established at local KSU student chapter, but also member of national IEEE Robotics Automation Society that endeavors to build a community support by hosting a variety of educational and social events to encourage friendship and camaraderie. We believe that, this society is an important chapter for KSU students to understand the inner workings of the robotics in community, and/or professional level. Faculty Advisors, Dr.Chih-Cheng Hung,; and Dr. Ying Wang,

Women in Technology (WIT) 

The WIT-Campus at KSU Student Chapter is organized and will be operated exclusively for scientific and educational, technological knowledge in Women in Technology, directed toward the advancement women opportunities to explore and experiences careers in of the theory and practice of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. The purposes to promote the following:

  • Professional, directed toward the advancement of the standing of the members of the professions it serves; means to this end include, but are not limited to, the conduct research and publication in the areas of applied research in academic and profession environment in STEM field.
  • An increased knowledge of and greater interest in the computing technology, design, development, research emphasizes quality, and reliability, focusing on systems and adaptability to cope with unstructured and structured environments over extended periods.
  • The WIT shall strive to enhance the quality of life for all Women throughout the world through the constructive application of technology in its fields of competence. It shall endeavor to promote understanding of the influence of such technology on the public welfare.
  • Enhance internship/career opportunities for prospective women STEM Professionals and promote interaction between students, and professionals . Email to:

Faculty Advisors, Dr. Sarah North,, and Faculty Co-Advisor Dr. Becky Rutherfoord,