Information for Students

The Spring 2017 Computing Showcase will be held on Thursday, April 27 between 4 and 7:30pm.

Register your poster/game {{HERE}} before March 19, 2017.

All posters and games will be assigned a registration number and the program of the event will be posted online on March 21, 2017.

You must follow requirements outlined in the poster templates. The poster size is 48 x 36 (w x h).

All posters must be submitted by Thursday, April 20. The assigned poster number (specified in the program) MUST be in the left top corner of the poster.


Where to submit posters for printing:

CS students - email your posters to Lisa Nepogoda at

IT, SWE and CGDD students - email your posters to Demetria Wells at

If you would like to present your project during the flash session (30 min session where you will have 30 sec to present your project to the entire audience), email your poster to Svetlana Peltsverger at before 8am on Monday, April 24th. View past flash session presentation {{HERE}}.


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