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The College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE) Computing Showcase (C-Day) is a biannual event that takes place at the end of fall and spring semesters where participating students showcase some of the richest activity at CCSE. As students prepare for graduation they present posters and games highlighting their experiences within internships, team projects, and capstone and thesis work.

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Spring 2017 C-Day Winners

+ Category: Capstone
1st place: Railserve Personal Tracking - Colton Carder, Dock O'neal, Andrew Maddox, Chris Theroux
2nd place: AMOMS - Skip Bassey, Casey Brock, Jared Gibson, Ishraq Karim, Andy Mecke
3rd place: Asymmetric Multiplayer Game in VR - Jordan Davis, Mitchell Arnold, Ross Tebbetts, Zachary Towner, Zane Johnston

+ Category: Games
1st place: Parallel - Sterling LaVigne, Dereck Mills, Claire Oliphant
2nd place: Gojo Solo 2 - Josh Williams
3rd place: Uncanny Valley - Disney Nguyen

+ Category: Graduate Research
1st place: Monitoring and Assessing Traffic Safety Using Live Video Images - Srivarna Settisara Janney, Ishraq Karim
2nd place: Identifying Potential Bottlenecks on Interstate Highways - Betty Kretlow
3rd place: Input Validation and Output Decoding - Peter Ding

+ Category: Undergraduate Research and High School Internships
1st place: Malware Detection in Microsoft Office Macros with Machine Learning - Ruth Bearden
2nd place: eSense: Biomimetic Modeling - Derek Martin
3rd place: A Comparative Study of Gaming Interfaces and Impact on Players - Victor Sahin Ben, Junior Tamo, Sarah North



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