Getting Registered

As a new student at Kennesaw State University, you will need to do a series of steps before you can get registered.

Obtaining a Registration Time Ticket

You’ll be automatically assigned a ticket within 24-48 hours of being accepted. You find your time ticket in found in Owl Express/Registration. You can register courses during the period defined by the time ticket.

Figure out what you need to register for

You should print out a copy of your curriculum sheet. Curriculum sheets change every year, so it is important that you are following the correct sheet for your catalog year. Catalogs follow academic years, which run Fall (August) - Summer (July). Your catalog year is dependent on when you start; E.g. if you start in August of 2015, January of 2016, or May of 2016 you will be on the 2015-16 catalog year. If you start in August of 2016 you will be on the 2016-17 catalog year.

The IT department also permanent schedule which shows when a course will be offered. It’s very helpful if you create a study plan using the template below. Send the completed study plan to Dr. Lei Li at for verification.

Template For Creating a Study Plan

As a graduate student, you should have had a letter sent to you which described your acceptance and the foundation courses that were waived for you, if any. If you did not have any foundation courses waived for you, you should begin with IT 5413 Software Design and Development and at least one other foundation course - either IT 5433 Databases: Design and Applications or IT 5423 Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, and Networks.

If all of your foundation courses were waived, you may begin with taking any 6000-level course for which you have had the prerequisite waived.

Log in to Owl Express, create your schedule and register for your courses

  1. Obtain and activate your NetID if you have not yet done so.
  2. Log in to Owl Express.
  3. Click on "Registration".
  4. Right click on "Class Schedule Search" to bring up the context menu. 
      • Select "Open Link in New Tab" or "Open Link in New Window"
      • In the new tab or window, select the term you are registering for in the drop down menu.
      • Using your curriculum sheet that you have identified what you need to take, select the subject of the course and if you want, narrow down by course number. E.g. Subject: ENGL, Course Number: 1102.
      • Begin building your schedule. Record the day, time and which campus the course is on, as well as the CRN of the course.
      • Remember to only select open classes. If the class is closed and has a wait list, you may get on the wait list. Wait lists come with important information.
  5. In the "Registration" tab or window that you still have open, left click "Class Registration (Add or Drop Classes)".
  6. In the text boxes on this page, put in the CRNs you wrote down while creating your schedule.
  7. Once you put the CRNs in, click on the "Submit Changes" button.

This should register you for the courses you have selected. If you encounter errors or a closed class, please see the registration FAQ.

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