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MSIT Degree

The Master of Science Degree in Information Technology (MSIT) consists of 36 semester hours (12 courses).  The MSIT program has 5 Core courses (15 hours), 1 Required Elective (3 hours - your choice of course from the list), and 6 elective courses (18 hours - your choice of courses from the list).

In addition to main program requirements, there are 4 IT foundation courses.  Each foundation course has 3 credit hours and covers fundamental areas of information technology: database, operating systems and networking, programming (JAVA) and web development. Each foundation course will be either required or waived based on a student’s undergraduate transcripts. The decisions are clearly listed in your acceptance letter. We also offer test-out option if you think that you have sufficient knowledge for a foundation course. The test out must be completed before you officially start your program. For more information, contact Dr. Lei Li at:

Graduate Certificates

We also offer 4 graduate certificates. The certificate can be taken a standalone program. For student in the MSIT program, the certificates except the foundation certificate, can be viewed as concentrations of the MSIT program.

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