2-Year Plan of Study

What is the two–year plan? 

Since we believe that advising is an extremely important part of a successful experience at KSU, you are required to fill-out a two-year plan, both as an undergraduate and graduate student, based on our Permanent Schedule.  This plan lists what courses you believe you will be taking over the next two years and entered into Degree Works through your Owl Express account.  

For students entering into any IT program in Fall 2015, Owl Express will not show your degree plan due to being under consolidation. You should still create a plan using our semester template and show it to your coordinator or advisor for approval.

You will need to fill-out this plan during your first term at KSU or a “hold” will be placed on your record and you won’t be able to pre-register.  Please see your advisor or program coordinator for more information.

When finished with your plan, click "save plan."  You should be asked if you want to submit the plan for approval.  Say "yes," and then email your advisor that you have submitted a plan for review. The system does not notify your advisor that your plan has been submitted. Please include your student identification number in all email correspondence. Your advisor will get back to you at his or her earliest convenience. He or she will either approve the plan or reject it and give you appropriate feedback. Make the changes and send it back to your advisor for approval. Once your plan is approved, it is active and locked. You must see your advisor to make any future changes.
You can find the Permanent Schedule for IT classes through our link located under "Student Resources" in this advising website.  The schedule lists the courses we will be offering (at a minimum) each semester (beginning even and odd years fall term).


Who’s my Advisor?

Your advisor’s name can be found on Owl Express (see below) and is listed on the Degree Works screen.  You can also speak to the program coordinator for your program who will always be able to help you.

In addition, the College of Computing & Software Engineering has three full-time Academic Advisors who can help you with most general questions concerning Kennesaw State University and some procedures.  Major requirements questions should be directed to your department advisor or (preferably) program coordinator.

Information Technology Full Time Academic Advisor: Ashley McClure (amcclur6@kennesaw.edu)

Graduate IT Programs Coordinator: Dr. Svetlana Peltsverger (speltsve@kennesaw.edu)

How to find your advisor on Owl Express:

  1. Go to Owl Express (owlexpress.kennesaw.edu)
  2. Log In
  3. Go to "Student Records"
  4. Click the next to last link on that tab, "View Academic Transcript"
  5. Scroll down to the area "Academic Information" which has two broad black background headers.
  6. Under the "Additional Academic Information" header your advisor should be listed.
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