Course Sub Request


Please request to complete only one requirement at a time. This substitution request is only for requirements within Area F and Major Requirements.

e.g. 00012345

Only put your netID. Do not include anything else.

If this is transfer credit, please list the number KSU gave it when you were admitted, NOT the original course number you took

If you wish to use multiple courses, please include that information in the justification

Check your curriculum sheet if you don't know

Check your curriculum sheet if you don't know

e.g. CSCI 1301

We will verify this

The next question is extremely important for you to know the answer to, as this substitution you are requesting might impact your ability to register for other courses you need. 

Course substitutions DO NOT automatically work as a prerequisite. Advising will still need to grant you a prerequisite bypass for you to be able to register. You will need to request that separately during registration after you have an approval to use the credit in question.

If you don't know, please look up the course description in the current catalog:

Please provide information about the course you're trying to use. If your course is transferred, advising will be contacting you for a syllabus

If you click submit, you understand that:

Departmental approval does not guarantee the course will be approved by the Registrar's office. 

You will receive a feedback e-mail with more information about graduation policies that this substitution may impact as well as what to do in the event that the approval of this substitution hinges on you being able to register for subsequent classes. Advising will operate under the assumption that you have received and read this e-mail. Please double check the NetID you are submitting to make sure you receive this e-mail.