Many changes have come about due to the consolidation. Below you will find the changes related to the various computing degree programs.

If you are having trouble registering for a course because of a prerequisite error and you should already have the prerequisites for it, please use our Prerequisite Bypass Form.

Registration general information.

Waitlists are integrated directly into the Owl Express registration system. 

For general education courses that may have changed course number and name, please see the Registrar's Crosswalk to find new course numbers.

Biology courses now have Chemistry as a prerequisite.

For students still following Southern Polytechnic degree programs, General Education Area E-4 courses are now limited to ANTH 1102, GEOG 1101 and POLS 2401.

Course Changes

Computer Game Design and Development courses have not undergone any changes as a result of the consolidation. However, CGDD students should be aware of the course changes in their degree requirements, such as the Computer Science courses included within the major.